Web Programming and Coding

The world of computers has opened up a wide range of possibilities for people in many different realms of their lives. For some people, learning to code means that they'll have a stable, high-paying job in the software industry. For others, Web programming forms the basis of a career in website design or online commerce. And for the disabled, computing technology allows them to communicate and experience the world in ways that they otherwise couldn't.

Texas Resources on Software Accessibility

The Texas Department of Information Resources has compiled this list of community user group links to help those looking for networking opportunities and assistance for disabled individuals.

Hope Services

Hope Services provides information about developmental disorders and learning disabilities. This page contains helpful information for families with cerebral palsy, autism, Tourette Syndrome, and other developmental disorders.

Análise de Marcha

Análise de Marcha is an organization dedicated to helping those with mobility issues through technology such as motion capture and biomechanics in Brazil and the United States.

Assistive Technologies for LDs

This page contains links to assistive technologies for families with children with learning disabilities such as autism and dyslexia, as well as a guide to software accessibility for the disabled.

Information Technology Programs

Hillsborough Community College offers a wide range of AS and certificate programs for those interested in computer science and information technologies, including Web development and database technology.

Disability Network of Northern Michigan

This page contains an alphabetized list of links for those in Michigan searching for assistive technologies for a wide range of disabilities.

Resources and Care for Those Living With Paralysis

The Miami Project to Cure Paralysis is a research facility whose goals include improving available treatments for spinal cord injury-induced paralysis. Their resource page includes links to specialized medical care in the Miami area as well as national medical resources and national and international organizations for paralysis patients.

Network Services at the University of Toledo

Get to know the staff who maintain the network at the University of Toledo.

Assistive Technology News and Resources

Demarle provides evaluations and treatment services to help children with learning disabilities reach their full potential. Those looking for information on assistive technology, including information on assistive technology tools and training, will find this page very helpful.

Software and Resources for Learning With Learning Disabilities

The LDAA is dedicated to helping parents and children with learning disabilities. This collection of links includes information on school advocacy, assessment, and learning tools for children and adults.

Degrees and Certificates in Computer Science

Cincinnati State offers several degrees and certificate programs for those interested in computer science, programming, and software, including electrical engineering technology, business programming, systems analysis.

Network Analyst/Operating System Classification Specifications

Find a quick breakdown of the duties of a network analyst, including average pay based on skill level and associated responsibilities, on this page.

Microsoft Developer Network Academic Alliance

The Microsoft Developer Network Academic Alliance is a program designed to help students learn how to use Microsoft products to their fullest potential.

The Rational Unified Process Center

Find articles, technical notes, and other documentation for IBM's Rational Unified Process technologies.

Caribbean Online Programming Judge

If you are looking for ways to expand your computer programming skills, this collection of links to programming contests and beginner programming guides is a good place to start. Check out the links and get started in coding, or try a link to a programming contest and put your skills to the test.

Computer Information Systems Degrees From Chaffey College

Chaffey College offers several AA degrees and program certificates in the computer sciences, including certificates in game and Web development and network administration.

Useful Stuff for Software Programming

This resource list can help young coders find their footing in coding.

Mapping a Network

Microsoft explains how to map a network using a two-computer, one-printer setup.

Computer Information Systems Technology at Drake State

Designed to help students learn about microcomputer operating systems as well as programming languages and networking equipment, the Computer Information Systems Technology program prepares students for a career in computer support operations and software development.

Intro to Coding: Resources for Learning

Bowling Green City Schools has compiled this list of links for those just starting out in coding and computer science. While the links are geared toward children, they are useful for learners of all ages.

Programming Tools for Middle School Students

IT-oLogy's goal is to help young people learn about and prepare for a future in information technology. With links targeting children ages 11-14 interested in both hardware and software applications, this resource is a good place for both parents and students.

Web Development and Programming Resources

Find a rich resource for those interested in many different aspects of information technology and Web programming here.

Rich's Software Links

A small collection of links for those interested in Web programming can be found here.

New Hampshire Technical Institute Software Development Certificate

NHTI offers a four-course certificate in software development designed to help graduates pursue a career in technical support and quality assurance roles.

A Little While Ago ...

Find information about a guide to programming languages here.

Open Knowledge Initiative Developer Support Program

The Open Knowledge Initiative develops educational software and aims to make it accessible for all.

Educational Software and Resource Links

A great resource connecting those interested in programming and IT to free programs on the Web, this list of links covers programming subjects from artificial intelligence to robotics.

Software, Computing, Programming, and IT

Brooklands College maintains this collection of links useful for those just learning how to navigate the internet and the world of programming.

Programming Resources

Designed to help students as they learn computing systems, this list of links contains information geared toward helping students understand broadly used computer programming languages.

Principles of Programming at Haverford College

Learn what it takes to complete the Principles of Programming Languages course at Pennsylvania's Haverford College.

Useful Information for Web Programmers

Find a collection of useful links for those working in Web development, including many links for those just learning HTML, on this page.

Network Diagnostic Tool

Network diagnostic tools are a great way for users to know their Internet speed. Learn how to integrate an NDT into your applications with this tutorial.

Guide to HTML

Site Production strives to help those just learning HTML discover what they can do with the language. With a short, informative video on how HTML works and a list of links, this page is a good place for those still wondering exactly what HTML is and what it can do.

Concepts in Programming Languages

Courses at UC Irvine are designed to help students understand programming from both a historical and real-world perspective.

HTML Course Resources

With a short collection of links for those just starting out in HTML, this page is geared toward those who want to make the most of what they know.

A Beginner Guide to HTML

All students have to start somewhere, and this guide is a great place for those who want an in-depth explanation of HTML and what it offers developers. The page also contains a useful collection of links to HTML guides and editors.

Advanced HTML Programming

A guide for advanced HTML users, this collection of links contains resources from all over the Web with guides on subjects from basic HTML to CSS.

Programming and Software Links

John Hurst has brought together a collection of HTML-related links useful for learners and professionals alike. This link list is broken down by subject for easier navigation and contains information on topics like document technology and computer systems.

Academic Programming Resources

A collection of links to fit almost any interest from agriculture to zoology, Bozho's page contains an extensive list of links about HTML programming as well as links about other programming languages, computer systems, academic journals, universities, and networking sites.

Bandit's Hideout

A Web page for those looking to design their own, Bandit's Hideout contains useful links to help you use HTML, DHTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Programming and Maintaining Your Website

Want to improve your website but need a place to start? The Colorado School of Mines has gathered a short but detailed list of links to help website owners maintain their sites, including information on basic HTML coding.

How to Become a Software Developer

Being a software developer takes more than an education. This simple guide from the University of Chicago outlines how to become a successful software developer, even if you don't plan on attending the school.

Yuri's Notes on Latency in Programming

Find a short list of latency numbers useful to Web programmers here.

Programming Systems Overview

Programming systems research carried out at UC Berkeley has driven computer programming to new heights.

Debugging State Machines With Scatter Plots

All programming languages use state machines, which can make them difficult to debug. Romain Picard outlines how he uses scatter plots as a visual debugger to help correct programming errors.

Department of Computing Sciences at Brockport

Looking for a career in computer sciences? SUNY Brockport provides a detailed overview of the computer science field.

Separation of Duties in Information Technology

A security technique used to manage conflicts of interest and fraud in information systems, separation of duties is vital to maintaining proper function in any network.

Picks From the Vienna.RB Team

Learn from a diverse selection of pages and articles chosen by the Vienna.RB user group.

Language Concepts in Programming

The Programming Language Concepts course from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln covers topics ranging from list processing to data types and control structures.

Programming Education and Trends

Created by a self-professed "rambler" and "problem addict," Valkertown is a website for those looking for information on programming languages and their applications.

Third-Party Tutorials From Photon

Interested in making multiplayer games? If you are, then check out this collection of tutorials to learn how to work with Photon Server, Unity, and other tools.

NullPointerException in C++ Programming

If you've worked with programming languages like C# or Java, a NullPointerException shouldn't come as a surprise, but what if they pop up in languages like C++? Christian Adam details how to find and fix a NullPointerException in the C++ programming language.

Computer Science and Programming Careers

De Anza College offers information on the world of career possibilities for someone with a computer science degree.

Programming Texts

Read these resources to deepen your understanding of programming concepts.

Oregon Folklife Network Spotlight: Lyle Murphy

Folklorist Lyle Murphy has worked for more than 10 years to create exhibits in unconventional places for museums and galleries.

Computer Information Technology Degree Plan

Dallas County's community college district provides an in-depth look at what it takes to earn an AAS degree in computer information technology.

CIS Employees at Brown University

Follow this link to view a complete list of the computer science employees at Brown University.

Microsoft Developers Network Back to Campus Program at the University of Florida

The University of Florida's chief information officer announces an all-day event sponsored by Microsoft for developers and software programmers.

Community Development

The Kirksville City Council approves a planned hotel.

Computer Science and Engineering Jobs

Have experience in computer science or programming and looking for employment? Check out this posting for positions in South Carolina.